Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Climate Change Solution

Today marks one year anniversary of the Sea Level Rise Blog. I have been touched by many of the stories and I know many of you have become more aware of the sea level rise issue. Our membership and following has continued to grow around the world and I am now even more convinced that the work we are doing will support efforts in addressing humankind most difficult challenge – that of climate change.

However, my most important question – is whether we have made progress in solving the climate change issue? My answer is - little – we have been distracted by the numerous crises – energy, food and financial – but in many ways they have been a wake-up call. The political changes in the US will hopefully bring to fruition a global pact for reduction of greenhouse gases – the prime cause of sea level rise. In 2009 we have the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, let us together as citizens of the planet ask our leaders to push for  concrete actions. The islands cannot bear losing their homeland any longer – every island that goes under the waves sets in motion a chain reaction that will touch every citizen of this planet, for climate change will spare no one. Let 2009 be the Year for the Climate Change Solution.

A ‘Water World’ future awaits the future generation if we fail them….


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